Portfolio 21 (PORIX)
General Fund Information
Portfolio 21
721 Northwest 9th Ave.  
Portland OR 97209
(877) 351-4115
Category:Institutional Funds
Assets: ($ millions)$274.6

Account min.:$100,000
Reinvest. min.:$1,000
IRA account min.:$100,000
IRA reinvest min.:1,000.00
Max. defer. load: 
Max. front load: 
Avg. P/E:24.19
Avg. P/B:6.09
Avg. YTM: 
Avg. Coupon Rate: 
Fund Description
A global fund that concentrates on companies that have shown exceptional leadership in sustainable business practices.
Social Issues08/31/18
Shareholder activism:YES
Community investment:YES
Human rights:R
Products and Services:P
Animal testing:R
Nuclear power:X
Alcohol, tobacco & gambling:X/X/X

P = Positive screen: fund seeks companies with a positive record or achievement.
R = Restricted investment: the fund has minimum criteria related to this issue.
X = Exclusionary screen: fund avoids companies involved with this issue.
"-" Fund does not screen for this criteria.
Fund Performance08/31/18
  Fund Return Percentile Rank *
Year to date: 5.26% 27
1 Year: 13.75% 26
Annualized returns:
3 Year: 13.47% 18
5 Year: 10.12% 35
10 Year: 7.10% 53
Since inception: 5.46% 70
Inception date: 03/30/07  
Bear Market: -19.46%  
Bear Market Period:     —      

* Percentile rank compares the performance of a fund to other funds with similar investing goals and styles. Funds with a percentile rank of 10 performed better than 90 percent of their peers. Funds with a percentile rank of 70 performed worse than 69 percent of their peers.
MPT Statistics08/31/18
Alpha 3YR:7.65
Alpha 5YR:5.04
Beta 3YR:0.69
Beta 5YR:0.76
R. Squared 3YR:80.25
R. Squared 5YR:82.23
Sharpe 3YR:1.45
Sharpe 5YR:0.99
Std. Dev. 3YR:9.73
Std. Dev. 5YR:9.73
Sector Distribution 
Basic Industries3.81% 
Cap. Goods & Tech.16.47% 
Consumer Cyclicals5.15% 
Consumer Non-Cyclicals11.65% 
Non - US57.58%