Appleseed Fund (APPLX)
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General Fund Information
Appleseed Fund
431 N Pennsylvania St  
Indianapolis IN 46204
(800) 470-1029
Category:Domestic Equity Funds
Assets: ($ millions)$79.4

Account min.:$2,500
Reinvest. min.:$0
IRA account min.: 
IRA reinvest min.: 
Max. defer. load:0.00%
Max. front load:0.00%
Avg. P/E:15.79
Avg. P/B:2.85
Avg. YTM: 
Avg. Coupon Rate: 
Fund Description
The Appleseed Fund seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation. The fund seeks to invest in companies that balance generating profits with an awareness of their impact on the environment and society in general. The fund will not invest in companies that derive substantial revenues from the tobacco, alcohol, pornography, gambling, or weapons industries. The fund will also consider a company's performance with respect to environmental responsibility, labor standards, and human rights.
Social Issues08/31/18
Shareholder activism:Yes
Community investment:Yes
Human rights:R
Products and Services:
Animal testing:
Nuclear power:
Alcohol, tobacco & gambling:x/x/x

P = Positive screen: fund seeks companies with a positive record or achievement.
R = Restricted investment: the fund has minimum criteria related to this issue.
X = Exclusionary screen: fund avoids companies involved with this issue.
"-" Fund does not screen for this criteria.
Fund Performance08/31/18
  Fund Return Percentile Rank *
Year to date: -0.15% 75
1 Year: 6.62% 64
Annualized returns:
3 Year: 7.06% 72
5 Year: 3.67% 90
10 Year: 7.33% 48
Since inception: 6.29% 63
Inception date: 12/08/06  
Bear Market: -11.75%  
Bear Market Period:     —      

* Percentile rank compares the performance of a fund to other funds with similar investing goals and styles. Funds with a percentile rank of 10 performed better than 90 percent of their peers. Funds with a percentile rank of 70 performed worse than 69 percent of their peers.
MPT Statistics08/31/18
Alpha 3YR:2.20
Alpha 5YR:0.13
Beta 3YR:0.60
Beta 5YR:0.54
R. Squared 3YR:53.07
R. Squared 5YR:48.25
Sharpe 3YR:0.68
Sharpe 5YR:0.36
Std. Dev. 3YR:8.99
Std. Dev. 5YR:8.99
Sector Distribution 
No fund sectors available
Appleseed Fund